Blue Spoon Cooking School

Chef TracyReading time: 2m 40s
Takeaway: Chef Tracy Lamothe teaches all ages how to prepare and enjoy food. We joined her for a special “farmer’s market-to-fork” cooking class in late-June. You can catch her at her new location at 1162 Revolution Mill Dr. or most Saturdays at the Corner Market in Greensboro where she sells her delicious salad dressings.

Think back to the last meal you cooked together and shared with others. Can you describe it? It’s not quite comparable to anything else, is it?

“If you cook together and eat together you are connected.  I eat with my family almost every single day.  It’s a vital part of keeping connected…So many good things come from eating a meal with someone.” My husband and I connected with Chef Tracy Lamothe, quoted here, for a “farmer’s market-to-fork” class in late June.

With recipes partially inspired by her Italian heritage and others by the whim of what’s in season, she provided us with recipes and guidance to craft a delicious, fresh meal.

The menu for the evening:

Chef Tracy recommends going to the market with an open mind but having an idea of what’s in season so you have an idea of what should be available. And she doesn’t mind a little dirt and imperfection: “That means that farmer has truly worked the farm that morning or in the middle of the night and they take pride in all their crop, not just the perfect ones.”

One of the reasons why I do this blog (besides having a great excuse to visit my farmers!) is because I believe that we all need to take advantage of the privilege of fresh foods and take responsibility for our health and the health of others. Now I’m not one to shun frozen veggies and fruits, but I prefer fresh if possible. When asked for a reason why to choose fresh, Chef Tracy says,

“Fresh ingredients have so much more texture and flavor than canned, frozen or dried.  Don’t get me wrong, a dried porcini mushroom is the bomb!  But for the best nutrition, flavor and keeping the mush level to a minimum you have to go with fresh.  I would like to take it a step further and add that local and in season is even more important that just fresh.  Everything taste best when it was picked the day of or the day before you eat it.  Vegetables in season have an incredible flavor because you are eating them as they were intended.  Not picked green and ripened while shipping. There are more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in fresh, local, in season vegetables too so it’s a huge win.”

Tracy has been cooking for others since the summer she spent with her grandmother at the age of 9 and her passion for good food is contagious. She’s got a big announcement coming up soon, and I won’t spill the beans here, but just know that she’s about to have a place you can visit her regularly. If you are looking for a fun evening with friends or soon-to-be friends, I highly recommend one of Tracy’s classes.

Where & When to find her:

Blue Spoon Cafe
1162 Revolution Mill Dr.
7:30 am – 5 pm
lunch served 11 am – 2 pm

Saturday’s at the Corner Market
Corner of Elam and Walker Streets, Greensboro, NC
Saturdays, 8:00a.m.-Noon

Website (with recipes)

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