These restaurants feature local farm products and purchase from some of the farms I’ve profiled:

Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza, Lindley Park, Greensboro
Located a stone’s throw (pun intended) from Bestway Grocery, they have fresh pizza with local toppings and a good selection of local and regional beers.

Why is this page so short?

In short, because things change frequently in farms and at restaurants and it’s hard to keep up with who is selling where. I will only list restaurants that farmers have told me they have or they currently sell to. Most of the farms I visit are small, which means they may not be a good match, size-wise, for a regular order at restaurants. I’ll try to keep adding here, but your best bet is to ask your server where the food is coming for, and have realistic expectations about what kind of food can be sourced when. Check out a growing season or availability chart. Here’s a link to an example for North Carolina.

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