Faucette Farms

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Takeaway: The Faucette family has deep roots in farming and takes pride in bringing a wide variety of vegetables and other products to the Corner Market, CSA members, Let it Grow, Swedebread, and numerous restaurants, including Sticks and Stones and even in some beer from Preyer!

Mike Faucette and his family are surrounded by their family legacy—hundreds of acres of beautiful rolling hills in the Carolina Piedmont, some of which have been farmed by Faucettes since 1865 when his great-grandfather moved to the area from Graham. His grandfather and his grandfather’s brother married sisters and bought more acreage in the early part of the 20th century and farmed the land. His father farmed, his cousins and other relatives farm, and he’s grateful to have his son taking up the family trade.

In 2006, with support from a state program, they had their first foray into organic farming and now have about a quarter of their approximately 1000 acres under cultivation certified organic. When I visited, there was a crew from NC State checking on the effectiveness of rows of sunflowers planted next to organic tobacco that they hoped were helping to naturally control posts on the tobacco. Mike appreciates the work the state is now doing to support organic farming, like conducting crop and organic chemical trials that will help figure out what varieties and mixes are best suited to our area.

The Faucettes, like many farmers, have a few core crops they always produce though the amounts may vary year-to-year depending on the market predictions. Among these are tobacco (including organic tobacco) and sweet potatoes. Not only do they have the typical sweet potato varieties, they also have purple and ruby sweet potatoes.

Smaller crops include their strawberries, blueberries, concord and muscadine grapes, and even a row of Cascade hops he planted last year. Preyer Brewing and Grove Winery both use his strawberries in their offerings, and he’s hoping that the hops he produces may help local brewers who are endeavoring to “keep it local.”

You can catch him or his crew at the Corner Farmers Market on Saturdays. He loves the caring, community atmosphere at the market and appreciates the embracing support of the local neighborhood. Between what he grows on his farm and what he sources from his network, you can get almost anything you need from their booth, including fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, grits, ham, honey and more.

Where & When to find them:

Saturday’s at the Corner Farmers Market
Corner of Elam and Walker Streets, Greensboro, NC
Saturdays, 8:00a.m.-Noon

Sign-up as a CSA member:

Numerous groups in the Triad have weekly deliveries where you can pick up a bag of seasonal items for a very reasonable price. Check out their website for more information and fill-out the informational form or give them a call.

: http://www.faucettefarms.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faucettefarms

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