Iron Hen Cafe

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Takeaway: Iron Hen serves up local and delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a cozy and bright space off Wendover Avenue in Greensboro. Some big expansion plans are underway in 2015 that will round out their catering and restaurant enterprises to include a bakery-coffeeshop, fast-casual burger place, a poultry-focused dinner spot and–get ready for it–a speakeasy.

Interior of the Hen. Cozy & bright. Photo Credit: Iron Hen

In a little space behind a gas station and across from the greenway, big things are happening. Not only does the small (very small!) kitchen accommodate the breakfast, lunch and dinner crowds at the Iron Hen, but the space also fulfills the orders for their associated catering company, Fresh. Local. Good.

You’ll find Summerfield beef and eggs on their menu; Lee Comer, the owner of the Fresh. Local. Good. food group that owns Iron Hen and the catering company, is also a managing partner in the Barn at Summerfield Farms. In the summertime, farmers stop by with loads of fresh tomatoes that may be purchased in the morning and be on your burger by lunchtime.

Mmmm… Photo Credit: Iron Hen

Over 80% of their purchases come from groups located within 80 miles of Greensboro. In their five years serving Greensboro, they’ve cultivated relationships with local suppliers like Homeland Creamery, Cornucopia Cheese and Fortuna Coffee.

When I met with the manager Cassidy earlier in January 2015, I asked if there was anything new on the horizon for Iron Hen in 2015. I was caught off-guard when he replied that, yes, they’ll be updating the menu and they’ll be moving their catering offices and kitchen to a “multiplex” at 509 S. Edgeworth where they’ll also have a bakery, fast-casual burger place, a poultry-focused dinner spot, a speakeasy, private meeting space and an event rental company. Wow! Not all may come online in 2015, but they do expect the offices and catering will relocate in May or June of this year with the rest to come online later in the year, possibly early 2016.

Barista at work. Photo credit: Iron Hen

Cassidy grew up on a spread near Asheboro where his family raised cows and around 10,000 eggs a day for poultry production. Working at Iron Hen has allowed him to have the gratification of being on the other side of food production—eating and enjoying farm products, He enjoys being able to say where he works and receive such positive feedback about Iron Hen.

Best sellers on the menu include the burger with Summerfield beef, the whole grain hash, and goat cheese salad. Most underrated thing on the menu? Cassidy, a non-vegetarian, says it’s their black bean burger, hands-down! He describes it as moist and cohesive.

Best time to visit to get seated quickly? Dinnertimes are good, but if you must go on the weekend, Saturdays and Sundays at 8am or after the rush dies down about 12:30.

See you there—I’ll be trying the black bean burger.

Photo Credit: Iron Hen

Where to find them:

908 Cridland Road
Greensboro, NC

Restaurant Phone: 336-617-7105
Catering Phone: 336-870-8103

Monday-Friday: 7am-9pm
Saturday: 8am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-4pm for brunch

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