Deep Roots Market

Deep Roots Market really does have everything you need. And if they don’t, just ask and they might put it on order for you.

Deep Roots Bulk Herb Shopper (Photo credit SJ Mann)

In their new location in downtown Greensboro on Eugene Street, this store feature local and organic foods, a hot and cold bar, beer and wine, as well as supplements and a great bulk food selection with beans, grains, nuts, herbs, spices and more. At Deep Roots Market you can buy local fruit and vegetables, and you can also pick up a prepared dinner or some sushi created just down the road in Burlington and enjoy local art in the cafe or the community room.

Foods to Go (Photo Credit SJ Mann)

When you shop here, you are voting with your money for local businesses and responsible food production. Their operations are guided by certain principles, and some of the key ones for food are that the food is sustainable, organically produced, “clean”, and is local or regional.  Sara Jane Mann, the design and web coordinator, would point out that as a co-operative, members are really the ones in control of the store. There are over 2400 member households, and each gets a vote in how the store operates; the board of directors is elected by the membership. But don’t let the fact that the store is operated democratically intimidate you–anyone can shop there! Members receive special discounts and social opportunities (potlucks!) in addition to their vote.

Cafe (Photo Credit SJ Mann)

Matt Felling, the produce manager, introduced me to some of the local farms they work with and told me more about their purchasing decision process. First, they’re following those guiding principles of organic production and local. Next, he works to establish a relationship with the farmer based on mutual trust and part of that is making visits out to the farm as possible. They also look at whether the basic economics will work out, that is, can customers pay enough to make it worthwhile for the farmer?

Produce Shopper (Photo credit SJ Mann)

Deep Roots Market has been invested in our local economy since 1976, long before chain stores like Earth Fare and Whole Foods appeared on the scene, and is passionate about trying to make the healthiest options available to all of us. What I like about shopping here is that they do the homework for me; I can trust that they know the food has been produced as sustainably as possible and that their workers and business partners are receiving a fair wage.

What you can find at Deep Roots Market:

  • Large selection of locally and/or organically grown fruits & vegetables
  • Prepared hot & cold foods, including a mostly-organic salad bar
  • Dairy free, gluten free & allergen free foods
  • Meats, eggs & dairy
  • Fair Trade coffee, tea, sugar & chocolate
  • Bulk nuts, beans, grains, pasta, flour, fruits, granola, snacks, honey & sweeteners, tea & coffee
  • Sustainably farmed and organic wine, craft beer and
  • Bulk culinary and medicinal herbs & spices
  • Vitamins, supplements & homeopathic remedies
  • Hair & skin care products & cosmetics
  • Essential oils, flower essences & incense
  • Environmentally safe cleaners & reusable bags

What you won’t find here: 

They do not knowingly carry products with:

  • artificial colors or sweeteners
  • GMO ingredients
  • synthetic growth hormones
  • trans fats
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • ingredients from cloned animals
  • aluminum
  • GMO ingredients (However, with the proliferation of genetically modified organisms in our food supply, no reliable, affordable way of testing, and lack of labeling by many companies, this is sometimes hard to know with 100% certainty.)

Where to find them:

600 N. Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC  27401

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 7:30am – 9pm
Sunday 8:30 am – 9pm

Phone: (336) 292-9216

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